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downloadISSUE 86 – AUGUST/SEPTEMBER 2020

  • Front Page – COVID-19 and Its Effect on Business Valuation: Frequently Asked Questions Part II by Jim Hitchner
  • Robert Reilly- Valuation Analyst Considerations Regarding Closely Held Company Buy/Sell Agreements
  • Kristopher Boushie – Trade Secret Misappropriation and Monetary Remedies under the Federal Defend Trade Secrets Act
  • Mark Warshavsky – The Changing Landscape and Evolution of the Forensic Accounting Profession
  • Rod Burkert – These drivers quantify the time and money you get from your practice
  • Cost of Capital Corner


  • Front Page – COVID-19 and Business Valuation: Frequently Asked Questions by Jim Hitchner
  • Harold Martin – “It’s Like Déjà Vu All Over Again” – Valuing a Business in the Post-COVID-19 Pandemic Economy
  • Stacy Udell – Loss of the Alimony Deduction under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act
  • Robert Reilly – Intellectual Property Valuations within Bankruptcy Controversies – Part 3
  • Rod Burkert – Are You a “Vitamin” or a “Painkiller”?
  • Cost of Capital Corner

downloadISSUE 84 – APRIL/MAY 2020

  • Front Page – How to Detect a Rigged Cap Rate
  • Mike Gregory – Who’s Who at the IRS?
  • Bob Grossman – Recent Court Cases Continue the “Tax Affecting” Controversy
  • Rodd Burkert – Why we struggle with pricing relative to “those” competitors
  • Cost of Capital Corner

downloadISSUE 83 – FEBRUARY/MARCH 2020

  • Front Page – Webinar Polls Reveal Who’s Doing What in Business Valuation by Jim Hitchner
  • Jim Alerding – Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Valuation
  • Robert Reilly – Intellectual Property Valuations Within Bankruptcy Controversies
  • Gil Matthews – Valuation Decisions by the Delaware Supreme Court, 2017-2019
  • Rod Burkert – If You Want a Better Practice, Perform File Autopsies
  • Cost of Capital Corner

downloadISSUE 82 – DECEMBER 2019 /JANUARY 2020

  • Front Page Valuation’s Dirty Little Secrets Part Three by Jim Hitchner
  • Scott Saltzman – Review of Best Practices: Thought Leadership in Valuation, Damages, and Transfer Price Analysis by Robert F. Reilly and Robert P. Schweihs
  • Jeff Balcombe and Kevin Brooks – Estimation and Measurement of Equity Volatility in Valuation
  • Robert Reilly – Financial Feasibility Analysis Considerations Regarding ESOP and ERISA-Related Litigation
  • Rod Burkert – Asking Clients for Referrals

downloadISSUE 81 – OCTOBER/NOVEMBER 2019

  • Front page: Application of Cost of Capital Data – An Update
  • Kelsey Griffin, Courtney Crowley, and Megan Lindsey – Are You a Technophobe or a Technophile?
  • Chris Hamilton – CVs: Marketing or Evidence?
  • Chris Treharne – Estate of Jones: Validating S Corporation Tax-Affecting
  • Rod Burkert – Will Social Media Marketing Work for You?
  • Cost of Capital Corner

downloadISSUE 80 – AUGUST/SEPTEMBER 2019

  • Front Page – Valuation’s Dirty Little Secrets Part Two by Jim Hitchner
  • Bill Quackenbush – Quantitatively Adjusting Guideline Public Company Multiples
  • Ron Seigneur – Musings on the Cost of Capital
  • Scott Saltzman – Analysis of AICPA “Statement on Standards for Forensic Services No. 1”
  • Chris Hamilton – Damages: Returning to the Basics
  • Rod Burkert – Rod On Practice Management: Ten Social Networking Tactics I Would Use to Build My BVFLS Practice If I Were Starting Today

downloadISSUE 79 – JUNE/JULY 2019

  • Front Page – Valuation’s Dirty Little Secrets by Jim Hitchner
  • Don Barbo and Brad Parker – Would Your Ambulatory Surgery Center Pay Less in Income Taxes as a C Corporation Under the TCJA?
  • Gary Trugman – Answering Tough Cross-Examination Questions
  • Robert Reilly – Forensic Analyst Expert Report and Expert Testimony Guidelines
  • Richard Wise – Allocating Fair Market Value Among a Corporation’s Share Classes: Some Observations
  • Rod Burkert – Rod On Practice Management: What Could Pricing With Options Do for Your Practice?
  • Cost of Capital Corner

downloadISSUE 78 – APRIL/MAY 2019

  • Front Page – Federal Court Accepts Tax Affecting an S Corp by Jim Hitchner
  • Stacy Preston Collins – Stock-based Compensation and Guidelines to Estimate a Supportable Value
  • Michael A. Crain – Transparency in Cost of Capital Data: Making Sausage?
  • Robert Reilly – Practical Guidance Related to Forensic Analysis Due Diligence Interviews
  • Stephen J. Bravo – A Look at the Ever-evolving U.S. Health Care Industry
  • Rod Burkert – Rod On Practice Management: Being different is more profitable than being better
  • Cost of Capital Corner


  • Front Page – Who’s Doing What in Business Valuation? Webinar Poll Results Reveal Common Practices by Jim Hitchner
  • Robert Reilly – Goodwill Valuation Considerations Involving Private Companies and Professional Practices
  • Kris Boushie – Analyzing Commercial Success and Its Implications for Patent Validity
  • Robert Gray – AICPA Proposes Forensic Accounting Professional Standards for Forensic Services Engagements
  • Rod Burkert – Rod On Practice Management: How do you recover the cost of your reference library?
  • Cost of Capital Corner

OrderISSUE 76 – DECEMBER 2018/JANUARY 2019

  • Front Page – Sources of Cost of Equity Data: New versus Old by Jim Hitchner
  • Mike Gregory – What can be Learned from Experts Who Advocate Too Well?
  • Mark Warshavsky – The Art of Interpreting Body Language: Deciphering Clues Through Physical Movements
  • Stacey Udell – AICPA Association News
  • Rod Burkert – Rod On Practice Management: The system you need for vetting prospects
  • Cost of Capital Corner


  • Front Page – Valuation Designation Wars: What’s the Best Designation for You? By Jim Hitchner
  • Bob Grossman – The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act and ESOP Valuations
  • Gil Matthews – Fairness Opinions, Experts, and the Courts
  • Eva Lang – TagniFi: A ‘Four Seasons’ Experience at a ‘Comfort Inn’ Price
  • Rod Burkert – Rod On Practice Management: Pricing – Are You discounting or negotiating?
  • Cost of Capital Corner


  • Front Page – Calculation Engagements: The REAL Story – R.James Alerding, Edward J. Dupke, and James R. Hitchner
  • R. James Alerding – Have We Lost the Forest For the Trees ?(Financial Valuation – the Income Approach)
  • Donald P. Wisehart – Pension Benefit Obligation: Is It Double Counting?
  • Robert P. Gray – To ‘QB’ or NOt to “QB’? That is the question (Forensics/Fraud – Financial Information)
  • Rod Burkert – Rod On Practice Management: Do You Carry a Portfolio of Your Work?
  • Cost of Capital Corner

OrderISSUE 73 – JUNE/JULY 2018

  • Front Page – Business Valuation and the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Your Questions Answered – Jim Hitchner
  • Mark Dietrich – Data, Statistics, Information, and Knowledge in the Healthcare Valuation Arena: What to Use and What Not to Use
  • Neil Beaton – The Cannabis Industry Accounting and Appraisal Guide – Book Review
  • Jeanna Hermance and Morgan Lindsey – How to Attract and Keep Young Professionals as Part of Your Succession Plan
  • Scott Saltzman- Client Gratification versus Professional Standards
  • Kyle Wishing and Nicholas Henriguez – Overview of the “But-for” Investment Portfolio to Measure Trustee Breach of Fiduciary Duty Damages
  • Rod Burkert – Rod On Practice Management: Work for Yourself or a Firm What’s the Risk?
  • Cost of Capital Corner

OrderISSUE 72 – APRIL/MAY 2018 (Special Expanded Issue)

  • Front Page – The Impact of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act on Business Valuation- Jim Hitchner
  • Jeff Balcombe – The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act: Analytical Considerations for Your Valuation Practice
  • Robert Gray, Elizabeth Schrupp, and Holly Roundtree – New Tax Law Changes – Spur in Divorces
  • Harold Martin Jr. – A Primer on Business Valuation and Classification of Property for Equitable Distribution in Divorce
  • Rod Burkert – Rod On Practice Management: In Order to Thrive, Our Practices Need “Aspirational” Clients
  • Cost of Capital Corner


  • Front Page – Poll Results Reveal Current Business Valuation Practices – Jim Hitchner
  • Serena Morones, Alina Niculita, and Paul Heidt – Synergistic Values in the Organic and Natural Foods Industry
  • Larry Cook – Shareholder Agreements: A “Prenup” for Business
  • Robert Reilly – The Fair Value Valuation of Intangible Assets for Acquisition Accounting Controversy Purposes – Part 3
  • Rod Burkert – 10x your social media efforts with this 1 tactic

OrderISSUE 70 – DECEMBER 2017/JANUARY 2018

  • Front Page – AICPA Releases Guidance on Use Of Calculation Engagements – Jim Hitchner
  • Chris Hamilton – Balance Sheets and the Asset Approach
  • Robert Reilly – The Fair Value Valuation of Intangible Assets for Acquisition Accounting Controversy Purposes – Part 2
  • Rod Burkert – Two Reason Why You Didn’t Land that New Client


  • Front Page – BEST PRACTICES: Business Valuation Methods(Part 2 of 2) – Jim Hitchner
  • Kevin Yeanoplos – The Evolution of Business Valuation: Beware the Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes
  • Robert Reilly – Valuation of Intangible Assets for Acquisition Accounting Controversy Purposes- Part 1
  • Rod Burkert – 7 Things You Can Do When You Have Nothing to Do


  • Front Page – BEST PRACTICES: Business Valuation Methods(Part 1 of 2) – Jim Hitchner
  • Dave Ellrich and Josh Angell – The Burning Question: Does the Definition of Fair Market Value Assume the Existence of a Covenant Not to Compete?
  • Linda Trugman – Debt versus Equity: How Do You Know?
  • Bob Gray, Robert Kester, and Bradley Minor – Working Capital Considerations for Business Valuations
  • Kristopher Boushie and Matthew Ginsberg What’s in a [Domain] Name?
  • Rod Burkert -5 Forces Influencing BVFLS Marketing
  • Steve Bravo – Review of The Business Valuation Bench Book, a new book by William J. Morrison and Jay E. Fishman
  • Richard Wise and Andrew Yas – The Effect of Special Purchasers on Fair Value in Canada
  • Stacey Udell – AICPA Forensic and Valuation Services Conference

OrderISSUE 67 – JUNE/JULY 2017

  • Front Page – DLOM Guide and Toolkit Debuts after Five Years in the Making – Jim Hitchner
  • Gil Mathews – The Flawed Perpetual Growth Assumption and Its Impact on Terminal Value
  • Marvin Brown – Is Closely Held Stock Really ‘Preferred’?
  • Stacey Udell – It’s Time to Gear Up for the 2017 AICPA FVS Conference
  • Chris Mercer – Recollections of My First Expert Witness Experience, 10 Ideas for Giving Effective Expert Depositions, and
  • Testifying as an Expert Witness with Impact
  • Rod Burkert – Five lessons I’ve learned that help me win more engagements at fees I can live with

OrderISSUE 66 – APRIL/MAY 2017

  • Front Page – Why Perpetual Growth Models Are Not Really Perpetual by Jim Hitchner
  • Mark Kucik and Mark Hanson – Global Valuation Standards: A Practical Approach Through the Eyes of a Practitioner
  • Jason Pierce – How Commercial Real Estate Appraisals Affect Business Valuations
  • Mark Warshavsky – Forensic Statement Analysis — The Art and Science of Analyzing Words
  • Rod Burkert – Are you a digital sharecropper?


  • Front Page – Poll Results Reflect Current Trends in Business Valuation by Jim Hitchner
  • William Quackenbush – Pitfalls to Avoid in the Guideline Public Company Method
  • Nathan DiNatale – The Profession Evolves with a New Credential
  • Robert Reilly – The Asset-Based Approach to Business Valuation
  • Rod Burkert – Five Signs that we Need to Part Ways with a Client

OrderISSUE 64 – DECEMBER 2016/JANUARY 2017

  • Front Page – Presenting Cost of Equity Calculations in a Valuation Report by Jim Hitchner
  • Bob Grossman – Marketability, Liquidity, and Controlling Equity Interest
  • Gary Trugman – Should You Ever Use the MCAPM to Value Small Businesses?
  • Mark Dietrich – Protected Health Information: The Toxic Waste of Litigation in Healthcare
  • Rod Burkert – What’s in your business model?
  • Ron Seigneur – The Impact of Judicial Reform on Financial Experts


  • Front Page – Best Practices in Cost of Equity Capital: The Build-Up Model: A Simpler Approach by Jim Hitchner
  • Ed Dupke – Using Standards to Strengthen Business Valuation Reports
  • Chris Mercer – Valuation implications of the Proposed Changes to section 2704
  • Mike Gregory – Conflict Resolution with the IRS when your Business appraisal is under Examination
  • Rod Burkert – Wait! You want me to cut a check for HOW much?


  • Front Page – Two “Must-Read” Delaware Valuation Court Cases by Jim Hitchner
  • Scott Saltzman – A Financial look at the Double Dip
  • Ray Rath – Stock Compensation and the IPO Process— Insights from SEC Comment Letters
  • Bob Gray and Rebert Kester – AICPA to Publish New Forensic Accounting Practice Aid to Assist Experts in Being More Credible
  • Rod Burkert – The Etiquette of Connecting on LinkedIn

OrderISSUE 61 – JUNE/JULY 2016

  • Front Page – The Risk-Free Rate in the Cost of Equity Capital: Why It May Be One of the More Important Data Inputs by Jim Hitchner
  • Stacey Udell – Double Dipping: A Close Look at a Hot Topic
  • Rod Burkert – Is your new client onboarding process missing any of these steps?
  • Robert Reilly –Intellectual Property Market approach Valuation Methods in Bankruptcy Controversies

OrderISSUE 60 – APRIL/MAY 2016

  • Front Page – Cross-Examination Skits: It’s Not Always About the Analysis by Jim Hitchner
  • Jeff Balcombe – Optimizing Capital Structure and the Level of Debt Assumption
  • Rod Burkert – Why Are We Reluctant to Specialize?
  • Robert Reilly – Valuation of Health Care Entity Transactions – Part Two
  • Jim Alerding – Confessions of a Tax Court Failure


  • Front Page – Best Practices: The Capitalized Cash Flow Method by Jim Hitchner
  • Ray Rath – Deferred Revenue Valuation for Accounting Standards Codification (ASC) 805
  • Chris Hamilton – Benefit Stream Error: Locking in Adjustment for an Eternity
  • Robert Reilly – Valuation of Health Care Entity Transactions – Part One
  • Darrell Dorrell – What Did I Miss? How to Employ Countervailing Evidence
  • James Mangraviti, Jr. and Steven Babitsky – How to impress retaining Counsel

OrderISSUE 58 – DECEMBER 2015/JANUARY 2016

  • Front Page – New Guide Brings Consensus View from Three BV Leaders (Hitchner, Pratt, and Fishman)
  • Robert Reilly – Distinguishing Personal Goodwill from Entity Goodwill in Closely Held Company Valuations
  • Kristopher Boushie – Valuing Intellectual Property in Bankruptcy
  • Michael Crain – Data Sampling— Methods and Sample Size
  • Harold Martin – What’s the Damage? A Primer on Economic Damages in Business Litigation


  • Front Page – Webinar Poll Results Reveal Common Industry Practices by Jim Hitchner
  • Jason Pierce – Analyzing Compensation and Valuation Issues for Authors in Divorce
  • W. David Ellrich, JR. and Joshua B. Angell- Estimating Volatility for Privately Held Companies
  • Linda Trugman – What’s Happening with Business Valuation Education at ASA?
  • Robert Gray – Credible Lost Profits Analysis: One- or Two- Model Approach?


  • Front Page – The Size Premium: Criticisms You Should Be Aware Of
  • Don Wisehart – What’s New? Duff & Phelps 2015 Valuation Handbook
  • Stacye Preston Collins – Taking a Closer Look …. ERI Executive Compensation Assessor
  • Lance Hall – Do You Really Know the Guideline Public Company Method as Well as you Think You Do?
  • Gary Trugman – The Income Approach: Quick Reminder Basics Checklist
  • Mark Warshavsky – Business Valuation Considerations in Ownership Buy-Sell Agreements
  • Richard Wise – Valuation of a Beneficiary’s Interest in a Trust

OrderISSUE 55 – JUNE/JULY 2015

  • Front Page – The New IRS S Corp Job Aid: What You Need to Know by Jim Hitchner
  • Harold Martin – AICPA Presents New Fair Value Measurement Credentials
  • Eric Nath – Directly Valuing Private Minority Interests Using the Income Approach
  • Jim Alerding – Standards of Value and Personal Goodwill and Double Dipping in Divorce Cases
  • Gil Matthews and Michelle Patterson – How the Court Undervalued the Plaintiffs Equity in Ferolito v. AriZona Beverages Part II
  • Marvin Brown – Non-Controlling Interests and Capital Structures: A Discussion of the Interrelationship
  • Ron Seigneur – Business Appraisal within the Cannabis Industry: The Ultimate Appraisal Challenge?

OrderISSUE 54 – APRIL/MAY 2015

  • Front Page – Best Practices: The Terminal Year of a Discounted Cash Flow Model
  • Raymond D. Rath – Thoughts on the Excess Earnings Method for Estimating Business Values
  • Robert j. Grossman – Discounts for Lack of Marketability and Fair Value
  • Bruce B. Bingham – Bingham Says….
  • Scott R. Saltzman – Ethical Lapses in Business Valuations: Be aware of These Key areas
  • Gilbert E. Matthews – How the Court Undervalued the Plaintiffs’ Equity in Ferolito v. AriZona Beverages – Part i: Tax-Affecting S Corporation earnings
  • Mark O. Dietrich – Trending Topics in Healthcare Valuation
  • Edward J. Dupke – Providing Testimony: What to WATCH For and What to WATCH OUT For


  • Front Page – Business Valuation Mistakes: How to Avoid Them, Part Four, The Guideline Company Transaction Method
  • Lindsey D. Lee – Sources of GDP Growth and Inflation Forecasts when Selecting a Constant Growth Rate
  • William C. Quackenbush – Common Sense Issues in the Cost of Capital
  • Larry R. Cook – Impressions and Judgments: Part Two of a three-part series,”Fundamentals of an Effective Interview”

OrderISSUE 52 – DECEMBER 2014/JANUARY 2015

  • Front Page – Calculation Survives Daubert Challenge – Does This Help Open the Door for Calculations in Litigation?
  • Valuation Update – Poll Results
  • Jeff Balcombe – Market Approaches Miss the Mark when the Subject Company has Untransferrable Goodwill
  • Z. Christopher Mercer – An Introduction to Dividends and Dividend Policy for Private Companies
  • L. Gail Markham – The Twelve Ways of the Expert Witness


  • Front Page – Twenty Ways to Calculate the Cost of Equity: A Case Study by Jim Hitchner
  • Rod Burkert – Averaging Multiple Valuation Methods: Best Practice or Inviting Trouble?
  • Robert Reilly – Qualitative Considerations in the Intellectual Property Valuation
  • Stacey Udell – AICPA Conference To Offer Hand-On Tracks for “Next Gen” Valuation Analysts and Forensic Accountants
  • Jim Alerding – A Tangled Web: Problems Arise when Appellate Court Awards “Equalization Payment”
  • Jeff Windham – Case Law Update


  • Front Page – Calculations and Opinions: Bringing Clarity to a Cloudy Issue by Jim Hitchner
  • Jay Fishman, Lester Barenbaum and Kyle Garcia – Revisiting Lack of Control Discounts Using Closed-End Fund Pricing
  • Richard Wise – The Valuation of a 50% Shareholding in a Closely Held Corporation
  • Darrell Dorrell – Build or Buy? Is It Time for You to Take the Step?
  • Raymond Rath – Advancing the Quality of Valuations for Financial Reporting
  • Kristopher Boushie – Trade Secrets and Damages
  • And Book Reviews of – Cost of Capital: Applications and Examples, 5th Edition (Pratt/Grabowski), Review by Steve Bravo and the Guide to Intangible Asset Valuation (Reilly/Schwelhs), Review by Roger Grabowski

OrderISSUE 49 – JUNE/JULY 2014

  • Front Page – An Overview of the Duff & Phelps 2014 Valuation Handbook Guide to Cost of Capital by Jim Hitchner
  • Derald Lyons – M&A Deals – Stock vs. Asset Sales: What Every Valuator Nees to Know
  • John Stockdate – Reaching a Conclusion of Value: Reflections on the use of Market Data
  • Mike Crain – Capital Structure of Private Firms
  • Chris Hamilton – Valuing Contract Earn-out Provisions
  • Mike Mard and Korey Rubenstien – The 100 Pound Phone Leveraging Insight: Strategically Selling Business Valuation Services

OrderISSUE 48 – APRIL/MAY 2014

  • Front Page – Business Valuation Mistakes: How to Avoid Them, Part Three Capitalized Cash Flow Method
  • Jim Alerding – Is Personal Goodwill Double Counted and Thoughts on McReath
  • Mark Kucik – Standards through the Eyes of a Practitioner
  • Scott Saltzman – Standards of Value vs. Ethics
  • Robert Reilly -Intellectual Property Damages Analysis: An Overview
  • Thomas Hilton – Indirect Methods of Income Reconstruction: What Forensic Accountants Can Learn from the IRS


  • Front Page – Business Valuation Mistakes: How to Avoid Them, Part Two Discount and Capitalization Rates by Jim Hitchner
  • Carla Glass – The Question of Calculations and USPAP – Another Round
  • Gil Matthews – Amortization Should be Excluded from Terminal Value Calculations
  • Robert Reilly – Common Reasons to Conduct Intangible Asset Damages Analyses
  • John Barrett – Analysis of the Kessler Valuation Metric
  • Mark Dietrich – Pitfalls, Pratfalls, and Bad Calls in Healthcare Valuation
  • Bob Gray – Securities Fraud: How Forensic Accountants Can Assist the Various Stakeholders

OrderISSUE 46 – DECEMBER 2013/JANUARY 2014

  • Front Page – Valuation Update: Webinar Poll Results Reveal Common Industry Practices
  • Steve Bravo – Shareholder/Member Agreement’s Influence on Value: Should We Be Bound by Them?
  • William Quackenbush – Terminal Value: A look at Some Key Issues
  • Robert Grossman – Special Valuation Considerations in ESOPs
  • Mark Warshavsky – Using the People to Find the Money: Advanced Financial Forensic Techniques


  • Front Page – Cost of Capital: Comparisons of Ibbotson and Duff & Phelps Data Inputs in the MCAPM and BUM by Jim Hitchner
  • James Harrington, Carla Nunes, and Niel Patel – The Duff & Phelps Equity Risk Premium and Risk-free Rate Recommendation
  • Stacey Udell – Engagement Letters: How Do Yours Measure Up?
  • Stacy Preston Collins – Current Issues: Private Equity and Hedge Funds
  • Bruce Bingham – Valuation Professionals: Be Aware of New Rules; Speak Your Mind
  • Don Wisehart – Book Review: Valuation of Privately-Held Company Equity Securities Issued as Compensation
  • Robert Gray and James O’Brien – Performing Credible Lost Profits: Consider the ‘Fab Four’ Steps for Your Analysis


  • Front Page – Business Valuation Mistakes: How to Avoid Them by Jim Hitchner
  • Ron Seigneur – Partner’s Capital How Much Is Enough?
  • Kevin Yeanoplos – Growth in a Vacuum: Maximizing Value in a Depressed Economy
  • From the AICPA, ASA, IBA and NACVA – Association News
  • James Mangraviti and Steve Babitsky – How to Draft an Expert Witness Retention Agreement

OrderISSUE 43 – JUNE/JULY 2013

  • Front Page – Cost of Capital update: Ibbotson and Duff & Phelps 2013 by Jim Hitchner
  • Chris Hamilton – Long Term Growth – Have the Facts Changed?
  • Scott R. Saltzman – Valuation and Litigation Pitfalls
  • Larry Cook – Fundamentals of an Effective Interview Part I
  • Gail Markham – THe BP Settlement: Are You Aware of its Far-Reaching Effects?
  • Kristopher Boushie – Using Comparables in Valuing Patents in Litigation

OrderISSUE 42 – APRIL/MAY 2013

  • Front Page – How to ‘Rig’a Valuation Part Two: Long-Term Growth Rates by Jim Hitchner
  • Jay Fishman – Do Put Option Models Overstate Discounts for Lack of Marketability?
  • Ray K. Bratcher – Reducing Appraiser Subjectivity in Determining DLOM
  • Darrell Dorrell – Built-in Gain (BiG) Adjustments in Partnerships & LLCs: why a section 754 Election is Not Inevitable


  • Front Page – How to ‘Rig’ a Valuation: The Discount Rate by Jim Hitchner
  • Gary Trugman – Advocacy vs. Objectivity
  • Ray Rath – Intangible Asset Valuation: The Distributor Method
  • Tom Hilton – Calculation Reports in Litigation: Are You Cruisin’ for a Bruisin’?
  • Michael Mard, Don Wisehart & M. Seph Mard – Why is Valuation Trapped in the ’70s? Limitations of the Black-Scholes Option Pricing Model as used in the DLOM (Special Extended Length Article)

OrderISSUE 40 – DECEMBER 2012/JANUARY 2013

  • Front Page – ‘LinkedOut’: A Response to a Business Valuation Standards Discussion
  • Steve Bravo – Synergy and Fair Market Value:  Are they mutually exclusive?  BTR Dunlop says ‘no’
  • Rod Burkert & Bob Dohmeyer – Mean Reversion Model to Adjust Excess Compensation
  • Darrell Dorrell – Does ‘Offer Price’ Equal Value?  The Top 20 Factors
  • James Mangraviti & Steve Babitsky (SEAK) – The 10 Biggest Mistakes Expert Witnesses Make During Depositions


  • Front Page – Valuation Update: Webinar Poll Results Reveal ‘Who’s Doing What’
  • Travis Harms – Valuation’s Dirty Little Secret: Financial Projections and the Income Approach
  • Mark Warshavsky – Analyzing Earnings Quality as a Financial Forensic Tool
  • Jim Hitchner – Book Review: How to Work with the IRS: Strategies for Attorneys, Accountants & Appraisers by Michael Gregory


  • Front Page – Pratt’s Stats:  The Public Side
  • Gary Trugman – How to Use Transaction Databases
  • David Ellrich, Jr. and Joshua B. Angell – Update on the New FMV Opinions Database and Newly Added Transactions
  • Derald Lyons – M&A Deals – Stock vs. Asset Sales: What Every Valuator Needs to Know
  • Thomas Burrage – Rule One Initiative Works to Increase Efficiency of Judicial System
  • John Walker and Chris Treharne with two New Court Cases: Wimmer v. Commissioner and Mohamed v. Commissioner

OrderISSUE 37 – JUNE/JULY 2012

  • Front Page – Ibbotson Update: New Support for Old Data
  • Bob Gray and Dave Duffus – Encountering New Venues with Shareholder Disputes? Remember the Special Ks
  • Jim Alerding –  Personal Goodwill in Divorce
  • Don Wisehart – The Elusive Size Premium
  • Eva Lang – Facing the IRS:  Some Quick Tips to Make the Experience Less Painful

OrderISSUE 36 – APRIL/MAY 2012

  • Front Page – Business Valuation Standards Top Ten Myth Busters
  • David Ellrich, Jr. and Joshua B. Angell – Thoughts on Duff & Phelps ‘Normalizing’ Risk-Free Rate
  • Carla Glass – Revisions to the Uniform Standards of Professional appraisal Practice (USPAP) 2012-2013 Edition
  • Neil Beaton – Are Secondary Markets Accurate Indicators of Market Value?
  • Ronald D. DiMattia – Treatment of Cash When Calculating Enterprise Value
  • Linda Trugman – What’s Happening at the American Society of Appraisers?
  • Stacey Udell – Top Five Issues When Valuing a Small Business for Divorce
  • John Walker and Chris Treharne with a New Court Case: Wandry v. Commissioner


  • Front Page – Control Premiums and Minority Discounts in Operating Businesses
  • Bill Quackenbush – Current Issues in Developing the Cost of Capital
  • Gil Matthews – An Investment Banking View of Enterprise Value.
  • Mark Dietrich – Sizing Up Healthcare Reform’s Impact on Business
  • Eva Lang – Resources: It is All About the Apps
  • Steve Babitsky and James Mangraviti – Expert Witness New Client Interview Checklist
  • John Waker and Chris Treharne with a New Court Case: Estate of Liljestrand v. Commissioner

OrderISSUE 34 – DECEMBER 2011/JANUARY 2012

  • Front Page – FMV Opinions Restricted Stock Database: Before You Rely on Restricted Stock Block Size to Determine an Incremental DLOM Applicable to Private Equity, Know the Facts
  • Bruce Bingham –  Update on Standards: A Review of the International Valuation Standards 2011 of the international Valuation Standards Council (IVSC)
  • IRS DLOM Job Aid Webinar Results
  • Stacy Preston Collins – Women in Business Valuation:  Some Perspectives
  • Scott Saltzman – Valuation Ethics: Questions and Answers
  • Kevin Yeanoplos – The Private Cost of Capital Model: Panacea or Perciatelli?
  • Jim Alerding – Is the Traditional Risk-Free Rate Still Risk Free?
  • Kristopher Boushie –  Post Uniloc — Calculating Reasonable Royalty Damages: What’s a Damages Expert to Do?


  • Front Page – VPS Webinars and Poll Results Show High Impact of IRS DLOM Job Aid
  • Jeffrey R. Mills, Guest Columnist – Common Errors in Discounted Cash Flow Models
  • Chris Hamilton – Is It the Market Approach or the Income Approach?
  • Stephen J. Bravo – Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court Deals Effectively with Cash Flows in Divorce Valuation of Hedge Fund Firm
  • R. James Alerding – Valuation Ethics
  • John J. Stockdale – Methods for Determining Synthetic Volatility for Private Companies
  • Howard A. Lewis – Quality Assurance in Business Appraisal
  • Steven Hyden and Guest Columnist Darren Cordier – Using Trendlines to Determine Survivor Curves for the Valuation of Customer Relationships
  • Jay E. Fishman – The Changing Face of Private Equity
  • Robin E. Taylor – Volunteering for the Profession
  • Richard M. Wise – Quantification of a Complex Business Interruption Loss


This is a SPECIAL ISSUE – 144 pages focusing on Discounts for Lack of Marketability. Issue No. 32, August/September 2011 contains:

  • The IRS Discount for Lack of Marketability Job Aid – 39 page discussion and summary of the Job Aid by Jim Hitchner.
  • Why Finnerty’s Put Option Model is the DLOM Model of Choice
  • Sumon C. Mazumdar’s Conference PowerPoint Slides from Judge Laro’s 2008 DLOM Summit
  • Bajaj et al. Criticisms and Pratt and Hall Rebuttals
  • Jim Hitchner’s Review of An Integrated Theory
  • QMDM: A Long but Important Answer to a Short but Important Question
  • Partnership Profiles, Inc. 2010 Executive Summary Report
  • Mandelbaum Factors Revisited: A Peek Behind the curtains
  • The Mysterious Willing Seller
  • A DLOM Computational MOdel
  • Other Evidence about Discounts for Lack of Marketability
  • Issue 15 of Financial Valuation and Litigation Expert – Major National Summit on DLOMs: Everything You Wanted to Know and Were UNafraid to Ask
  • Major National Summit on DLOM Case Study from Judge Laro’s Tax Conferences 2009 and 2010

OrderISSUE 31 – JUNE/JULY 2011

  • Front Page – Expert Ethics: Bias and Plagiarism – The Dark Side of Business Valuation
  • Edward Dupke, Nancy Fannon, and Mark Hanson – Evolution of Valuation Professional Standards
  • Ron DiMattia – Excess Cash Flow Method and Required Rates of Return
  • Steve Gonsoulin – Consideration of the Asset Approach in Appraising a Minority Interest in an Operating Company
  • J. Michael Hill, Jr. and Anthony DeBenedictis – First Experiences under the Amended Federal Rules of Civil Procedure

OrderISSUE 30 – APRIL/MAY 2011

  • Front Page – Industry Update: Who’s Doing What
  • Don Wisehart and Mike Mard – The Valuation House of Cards? The Risk Components of Cost of Capital
  • Ron Seigneur – Divorce of a Business: When Partnerships Fail
  • Andy Smith and Brian Sullivan – We are not Paid to Agree with our Clients, The Art of Agreeing to Disagree
  • Brenda Clarke – Book Review of Financial Valuation: Applications and Models, 3rd edition.
  • Joel Rakower and Nannette Watts – Potential Pitfalls to Benchmarking Marketability Discounts
  • Chris Mercer, Journal Review of Dunn on Damages
  • Gail Markham, Toni Sparkman, Becky Bokrand, and Kelsey Thompson – Fallacy Free Forensics


  • Front Page – Cost of Capital Update: Things You Need to Know
  • Derald Lyons – Another Look at Valuing Pass-Through Entities: Cvs. S Corp Income Tax Law
  • Bob Grossman –  Business Valuation in a Public Accounting Firm
  • Tom Burrage -New Legislation in Estate Tax Prompts Self-Examination: A Look at the Cobbler’s Shoes
  • Darrell Dorrell – Aberrant Pattern Detection: Harnessing the ability to empirically measure pattern aberration
  • Harold Martin, Book Review – Cost of Capital: Applications and Examples
  • Kris Boushie – The Demise of the 25% Rule for Determining a Reasonable Royalty in Patent Litigation
  • Robert Ambrogi – Expert Witness Proposed Code of Ethics

OrderISSUE 28 – DECEMBER 2010/JANUARY 2011

  • Front Page – The Future of Business Valuation in the United States Part II
  • Mark Lee –  Credibility, DCF, and the Company-Specific Risk Premium
  • Rodney Bosco – What is the Value of Forever? Choosing Between Long-Term Mitigation and a Perpetual Damages Period
  • Jim Hitchner, Book Review – Cost of Capital in Litigation
  • Richard Wise -Quantifying Damages for lost Profits — Estimating Costs


  • Front Page – The Future of Business Valuation in the United States
  • Gary Trugman – The TVA Restricted Stock Study in Practice
  • Rod Burkert – Keeping Up Technically in a Small BV Firm
  • Bob Gray – The AICPA CFF Credential— Opening the Door Wider
  • Tom Hilton – Aristotle’s Rhetoric and the 21st Century Testifying Expert
  • In the Courtroom Jensen v. Commissioner
  • Jim Alerding – Salable Professional (Personal) Goodwill Is it IN or OUT?
  • Stacy Preston Collins – A Review of the PitchBook/BVR Guideline Public Company Comps Tool™


  • Front Page – Websites: Uninteresting, Unsupportable, and Unsafe
  • Roger Grabowski Concerning the Equity Risk Premium and Structural Changes to Capital Markets
  • Nancy Fannon – A New View of an Old Debate – Rethinking the Benefit of Pass-Through Entities
  • Scott Saltzman – Financial Reporting: What is in the Best Interest of the Public
  • Ed Dupke – Evolution of Business Valuation with the AICPA: A Look Back to Look Forward
  • Steve Campana – Probability Weighting of Family Limited Partnership Minority Interest Expected Future Cash Flows

OrderISSUE 25 – JUNE/JULY 2010

  • Front page – Cost of Equity Capital: Straight, with a Chaser
  • John Stockdale – Other Evidence about Discounts for Lack of Marketability (DLOMs)
  • Robin E. Taylor – Reports: How to Make Them More Understandable and Convincing
  • Marvin T. Brown – A Closer Look at Small Businesses and the S Corp Premium: Where’s the Value?
  • Kristopher A. Boushie – Direct and Indirect Patent Infringement – Damage Issues and Licensing
  • Chris D. Treharne and John Walker – Estate of Fortunato v. Commissioner
  • Chris D. Treharne and John Walker – Suzanne J. Pierre v. Commissioner
  • Chris D. Treharne and Fawntel Romero – Ringgold Telephone Company v. Commissioner
  • Chris D. Treharne and Fawntel Romero – Ludwick v. Commissioner
  • Chris D. Treharne and John Walker – Homan v. Commissioner

OrderISSUE 24 – APRIL/MAY 2010

  • Front page – Cost of Equity Capital: Straight, No Chaser
  • Stacey Udell – A Morningstar and Duff & Phelps Risk Premium (“ERP”) Comparison for 2010
  • Harold G. Martin and Peter N. Thacker, Jr. – Calculating the Terminal Period Value When Using the Discounted Cash Flow Method: Gordon Growth Model or Exit Multiple?
  • Carla G. Glass – USPAP: Current Issues
  • Why should you be concerned about the first proposals for changes to the 2012-2013 edition of USPAP?
  • What’s in the current (2010-2011) edition of USPAP?
  • Jay E. Fishman – Civil Money Penalties Against Appraisers: What Practitioners Should Know
  • Neil Beaton – Measuring Damages for New of Early-stage Businesses
  • Chris D. Treharne and John Walker – Estate of Charlene B. Shurtz v. Commissioner


  • Front Page – Industry Update: Who’s Doing What?
  • Robert Reilly – AICPA Statement on Standards for Valuation Services: Implementation Update 2010
  • Michael A. Crain – Using statistics to asses lost profits during an economic downturn
  • R. James Alerding – Recognizing and Analyzing Promising Intellectual Property
  • Chris Hamilton – Business Valuation Services for Liquidation or Re-evaluation
  • Mark O. Dietrich – Current Issues in Healthcare Valuation
  • Eva Lang – GF Data Resources: Another Option for Information on Private Company Transactions
  • Stephen J. Bravo – Discount for Built-in Gain Taxes: An Update (“Litchfield, TCM 2009-21”)
  • Fawntel Romero and Chris D. Treharne – Price vs. Commissioner
  • Robert Ambrough – Rule 26: Major Changes for Attorneys and Experts

OrderISSUE 22 – DECEMBER 2009/JANUARY 2010

  • Front Page – Cross-Examination A View from the “Other” Side
  • Donald P. Wisehart – Boston’s Battle of the Beta
  • Michael J. Mard – Does the Fair Market Value of Land and Building Create Fair Value Error?
  • Darrell D. Dorrell – Are you a “Forensic Accountant”?
  • Chris D. Treharne and John Walker – Estate of Samuel P. Black vs. Commissioner


  • Front page – Transaction Databases: Useful of Not?
  • William Quackenbush – Risk Assessment and the DuPont Formula
  • Stacy Preston Collins – Industry Focus: Engineering and Architectural Firms
  • Checklist – Valuation Services Engagement Control
  • Richard M. Wise – What the Expert Witness Should Know About the Cross-Examiner’s Trial Tactics
  • Michael G. Kaplan – Eleven Ways that Attorneys Kill Their Own Experts


  • Front page – Common Sense Issues in Weighting Values
  • Kevin Yeanoplos – General Benchmarks Help Determine Cost of Capital
  • M. Mark Lee and Adrian M. Campelo – Adjusting Market Multiples: The Final Decision is Still a Matter of Professional Judgment
  • Rod P. Burkert – Increasing Your Personal Productivity
  • Derald Lyons – Guideline Company Transaction Method: When Comparables Sold Before the Financial Markets’ Meltdown
  • Stacey Udell – A Look at Reasonable Compensation
  • Thomas Hilton – Discovery of Draft Reports: How Do You Spell Relief?

OrderISSUE 19 – JUNE/JULY 09

  • Front page – Butler Pinkerton and the Total Beta Model – Measuring Total Cost of Equity and Company-Specific Risk: An Interview with Peter Butler and Keith Pinkerton
  • Gil Matthews – Testing for an ‘Implied Minority Discount’ in Guideline Company Prices
  • Robin Taylor – Market Characteristics and Fair Value Reporting— Evolution, Revolution and Continuing Confusion
  • Larry Cook – Pulling the Plug: Small Business Owners Who Take a Hit and What They Can Do About It
  • Robert Ambrogi – When Your Own Experts Disagree
  • Steve Babitsky – Expert Witness Fees
  • Cost of Capital Corner

OrderISSUE 18 – APR/MAY 09

  • Front page – Cost of Capital: Should It be Adjusted to Reflect the Current Economic Climate?
  • Steve Bravo – The Appraiser, Penalties and the IRS: A Costly Combination
  • Linda Trugman – Valuing “Mom and Pop” Businesses: A Primer
  • Bob Grossman – Are Restricted Stock Studies Still Valid?
  • Harold Martin – The Direct and Indirect Methods of Valuing Minority Interests Using the Income Approach
  • Gail Markham and Becky Bokrand – Which Expert Are You — Leia or Boba Fett?
  • In the Courtroom
  • Discounts and Only Discounts
  • Attorney-Client Privileges and Experts
  • Cost of Capital Corner


  • Front page – Industry Risk Premium Data: If You Use It, Use It with Knowledge
  • Bob Duffy – Exploring the New World of Quantitative DLOM Analyses
  • Ron Seigneur – Using Alternative Weighting Schemes to Project an Economic Benefit Stream
  • Jeff Balcombe, Keith Konen and J.R. Radcliffe – SFAS 142 Impairment Testing: Lack of Definition Creates Confusion
  • Alfred Zeiler, Guest Article – Sanity Checks: How? When? Why?
  • Scott Saltzman – Getting Conflicted Out of Engagements: An Old Game
  • Robert Ambrogi, Guest Article- Top Ten Expert Witness Cases of 2008
  • Bob Gray – Proven Professionals Address Tough Questions on Corporate/Special Investigations
  • Cost of Capital Corner

OrderISSUE 16 – DECEMBER 2008/JANUARY 2009

  • Front page – AICPA Standards: The Former Chair Interviews the Current Chair
  • Nancy Fannon – The Real S Corp Debate: Impact of Embedded Tax Rates from Public Markets
  • Harold Martin – The Guideline Co. Transaction Method: What Does the Information Really Mean?
  • John J. Stockdale – Regression Requires Elimination of Common Cause
  • Ron Seigneur – review- Understanding Business Valuation: A Practical Guide to Valuing Small to Medium Sized Businesses, 3rd ed.
  • Kristopher Boushie – An Introduction to Using Attribute Analysis in Valuing Patents
  • Jim Hitchner – New Study-Expert Witness Testimony
  • Mark Dietrich – Supply and Demand: Assessing the Impact of the Shortage of Physicians on Value
  • Robert Ambrogi – Guest Article – Expert Reports: Should Lawyers Keep Hands Off?
  • Daubert on the Docket
  • Jim Hitchner – review- Cost of Capital: Applications and Examples, Third Edition
  • Cost of Capital Corner


  • Front page- Major National Summit on DLOMs
  • Lance S. Hall -The Comparative Analysis of Restricted Stock Approach (CARS) and The FMV Restricted Stock Study
  • Z. Christopher Mercer- Quantitative Marketability Discount Model (QMDM)
  • Marc Vianello – The VFC Longstaff DLOM Methodology
  • Dr. Sumon C. Mazumdar – Firm Value and Marketability Discounts and The Bajaj et al Study
  • Dr. Ashok Abbott – Abbott Liquidity Factor and Study


  • Front page – 2 court cases (Berquist; Daubert challenge)
  • Steve Hyden- Valuing Two Assets Using the Excess Earnings Method
  • Don Wisehart – SFAS 123r Valuation Defies “Intuition”
  • Don Barbo- Healthcare Valuations are All Local… or Are They?
  • Mike Crain- Discount Rates Used in Lost Profits Damages
  • Steve Babitsky and James Mangraviti- Forensic Companies Retooling
  • Prepping an Expert: How Far is Too Far?
  • Eva Lang- Adventures in Acrobat

OrderISSUE 13 – JUNE/JULY 2008

  • Front page- BV Standards Applications Update: Six Months into Compliance
  • Rod Burkert- Using Duff & Phelps Equity Risk Premiums with Fundamental Measures of Accounting Risk
  • Todd Fries and J.D. Radcliffe (Guest Columnists) – Accounting for Significant Risk in Discounted Cash Flow Analyses (DCF)
  • Gil Matthews – The Superiority of the Harmonic Mean as a Method for Averaging Multiples of Guideline Companies and Acquisitions
  • Mel Abraham – Build a Reputation, Build a Practice: The Best Four Investments You Can Ever Make
  • Tom Hilton – Imposter or the Real McCoy? The Looming Crisis of the Authenticity of Electronically Stored Information in Commercial Litigation
  • Michael Kaplan – What’s Happening at NACVA?
  • John Gilbert – In the Courtroom – Astleford v. Commissioner, T.C. Memo 2008-128 – May 5, 2008
  • Cost of Capital Corner

OrderISSUE 12 – APRIL/MAY 08

  • Front page- Cost of Capital Insights
  • Mark Lee- Jelke, Again: The Built-In Capital Gains Tax for a Stock Portfolio held by a C Corporation: A Third Alternative View
  • Jim Alerding- Ethics: Knowledge of Independence Issues is Especially Important to CPAs
  • • Michael Mard- SFAS 141R Accelerates Fair Value
  • Stephen Bravo- The Appraiser Penalty— Are You “More Likely Than Not”?
  • Steven Campana (Guest Columnist) The Ratio of Depreciation and Capital Expenditures and the Related Capital Expenditures Debt Service: The Mark Lee Model Continued
  • Daubert on the Docket
  • Risk Management, Engagement Letters, Reports and Turning Down Work or… Protection, More Protection and Don’t Eat Bad Food
  • Harold Martin- The Vavasseur Prime Bank Securities Fraud: A New Variation on the Classic Ponzi Scheme
  • Robin Taylor- An Update on the AICPA Business Valuation Committee


  • Front page- A Look at Alternate Views on Discounts for Lack of Marketability
  • Jim Hitchner – Book Review An Integrated Theory, 2nd edition – Mercer
  • John Stockdale- A DLOM Computational Model
  • Marc Vianello (Guest Columnist)- New Insight into Calculating DLOMs: The VFC Longstaff DLOM Methodology
  • Z. Christopher Mercer- A Long but Important Answer to a Short but Important Question
  • Ronald Seigneur- The Mandelbaum Factors Revisited: A Peek Behind the Curtains
  • Jim Hitchner- Recent Daubert Study Very Revealing
  • Kristopher Boushie- Apportionment of Intellectual Property Damages and the Entire Market Value Rule
  • James Rigby – Understanding Royalty Rates
  • Steven Campana – A Letter to the Editor
  • Eva Lang- Google Docs
  • Cost of Capital Corner


  • Front page – BV Standards: The Positive Side
  • Marvin Brown- Cost of Capital and Directors’ Duty of Care: The Interrelationship
  • Larry Cook- Valuation Premise, Standard or Both? Strategic, Synergistic or Investment Value vs. FMV
  • Jacob, Smith Weiss- Quantifying the Probability of Going Public: One of the Many Challenges in Applying the PWERM
  • Scott Saltzman – Conflict of Interest: Marital Dissolutions
  • Gail Markham and Becky Bokrand- Components of a Damages Claim in a Wrongful Death Case
  • Richard Wise- Shareholder and Income Tax Litigation: Canadian Courts Look to U.S. Jurisprudence
  • In the Courtroom
  • Court Rules on Three Important Issues Concerning Experts: Equal Access to Documents, Why They Excluded an Expert under Daubert, and Supplementing Rule 26 Reports
  • Speculative and Unreliable Damage Calculation Causes Expert Exclusion; Failure to Discount Lost
  • Profits Causes Partial Testimony Exclusion
  • It Ain’t Over Till It’s Over and Be Careful What You Ask For–You Just Might Get It!
  • Estate of Jelke (Gilbert)
  • Daubert on the Docket
  • Cost of Capital Corner


  • Front page- Divorce Valuation: A Tale of Two States
  • Linda Trugman- Proper Use of IBA Database
  • Steve Hyden- Fair Value Measurements- The Interrelated Issues of Market Participants and Highest and Best Use
  • Don Wisehart- Probability-Weighted Expected Return Method: ‘PWERM’ might make an analyst squirm
  • Ed Dupke- The New AICPA Business Valuation Standards
  • Nancy Fannon- Expert Testimony in the courtroom: Is vigorous cross-examination enough?
  • Bob Gray- Common Problems in Purchase Price Disputes: An M&A ‘Expectation GAP’ v. ‘GAP’
  • Jay Fishman- AWake-up Call for All Appraisers
  • Mark Dietrich- The Summer of Our Discontent: Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Add to the Burden of a Long, Hot Summer


  • Front page – Standards: A Summary of AICPA’s Updated BV Standards
  • Rod Burkert – Adjusted Present Value: An Alternative ro the Traditional DCF/WACC Model
  • M. Mark Lee – The Ratio of Depreciation and Capital Expenditures in DCF Terminal Values
  • Tom Hilton – The E-Discovery Amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure
  • Gil Matthews and Michelle Peterson- Fairness in Delaware Freezeout Transactions: How Two Discrepant Legal Standards Affect Valuations
  • Bruce Bingham- Report on Valuation Standards’ Activity
  • In the Courtroom – Valuation Group on Trial: Sued for Alleged Improper Valuation
  • Eva Lang – EDGAR to Undergo Major Update

OrderISSUE 7 – JUNE/JULY 2007

  • Front page – Managing Risk: Engagement Letter and Report Language Examples
  • Ron Seigneur – A Review of the 2007 Morningstar Classic and Valuation SBBI Editions
  • Scott Saltzman – IRC§ 409A: Why It is Important to Public and Private Companies
  • Richard Gray (guest) – Corporate Divorce: ‘Breaking Up is Hard to Do’
  • Michael Crain – Cost Estimation in IP Damages
  • Kristopher Boushie – Establishing a Cap on Patent Damages
  • Michael Kaplan – Valuation Experts and Invited Risk

OrderISSUE 6 – APRIL/MAY 2007

  • Front page – DCF The ‘Disconnected’ Cash Flow Method
  • Robert Grossman – What is the Level of Value Produced by the Guideline Publicly Traded Company Method?
  • John J. Stockdale- DLOM for a Controlling Interest?
  • Steve Bravo- Ready or Not Part 1- New Tax Law and More Guidance for Federal Tax-Related Valuations
  • Robin Taylor – Common Mistakes in Valuation Reports
  • Terry Allen – Teaching Business Valuation in Foreign Countries
  • R. James Alerding – Intellectual Asset Theft: Losing a Foothold
  • Larry Cook – ‘Sweating the Small Stuff’ in Collaborative Divorce
  • David Ellner – Book Review of Z. Christopher Mercer’s – Buy Sell Agreements: Ticking Time Bombs or Reasonable Resolutions?
  • “Testimony-als”
  • Steven Babitsky – The 10 Biggest Marketing Mistakes Experts Make and How to Avoid Them
  • In the Courtroom
  • Daubert Challenge Rejected: Assumptions in Expert Testimony Must be Tested by Cross-Examination and Introduction of Competing Testimony
  • Idaho Rejects Differentiation of Personal and Enterprise Goodwill in Professional Services
  • Daubert on the Docket


  • Front page – Survival of the Fittest? Ten Experts Challenged in Daubert Case
  • Shannon Pratt – Pratt Says “Value” has no meaning unless the “standard of value” is defined
  • Dan Van Vleet – S Corporation Valuation Update
  • Tom Hilton – You Have to Be Believed to be Heard
  • Mark Dietrich – Regulatory Issues in Using Replication Cost for Valuing Physician Practices
  • Gail Markham – The Vital V’s of the Discovery Process
  • Mel Abraham- Family Limited Partnerships -Go forward and prosper, but watch your step!
  • Eva Lang- GOOGLE a Patent?
  • Linda Trugman – New IRS Business Valuation Guidelines
  • Robin Taylor – Common Mistakes in Valuation Reports
  • Richard Wise – Putting Fair Value Measurements to the ‘Attest’


  • Front Page – AICPA Standards Update: Interview with Ed Dupke
  • Rod Burkert – Developing the Cost of Equity: Ibbotson Associates vs. Duff & Phelps
  • Mike Mard – The Private Entities Endowed Research Fund
  • Steve Hyden – Overview of FASB’s New Fair Value Measurements: SFAS No. 157
  • Nancy Fannon – Presumed Innocent/Presumed Advocate? Why Experts Differ and What We Can Do About It
  • Scott Saltzman – Economic Damages: A Basic Primer on What Forensic Experts Need to Know
  • Jim Rigby – From Start-Up to Wind-Up: A Look at the High-Tech Industry
  • Mike Crain – News from the AICPA
  • Gary Trugman – Trugman Says… Valuation Landmines: If They Blow Up, You Do Not Want to be Close!
  • In the Courtroom
  • New Jersey Considers Fair Value and Synergy


  • Front Page – Daubert on the Docket:
  • Nancy Fannon – Lag Time in Date of Appraisal Results in Another S Corp Win for the IRS
  • Ron Seigneur – Industry Risk Premiums: What They Are and How to Apply Them
  • Jim Alerding – I.P. Value or No Value?
  • Kristopher Boushie – The Bell Tolls for Trolls? Potential Impact of the eBay Decision on Patent Litigation
  • Michael Kaplan – The Evidence vs. the Litigant’s Spin on the Evidence
  • Harold Martin – The Vavasseur Prime Bank Securities Fraud: A New Variation on the Classic Ponzi Scheme
  • Don Barbo – Current Events in Ambulatory Surgery Center Valuations
  • Chris Mercer – Mercer Says: The Effect of Life Insurance Proceeds in Valuation for Buy-Sell Agreements
  • Eva Lang – Expert Resources: Understanding the Industry
  • In the Courtroom
  • Lost Profits Award Based on Comparable Dealerships and Management Projections Affirmed
  • Expert’s Testimony is a Reasonable Yardstick to Find Lost Profits Reasonably Certain


  • Front Page – Fair Value Measurement: FASB Update
  • Robin Taylor – Sensitivity (or is it Sensibility?) Analysis
  • Robert Duffy – What’s in a Letter? An Introduction to 141R
  • Linda Trugman – Using the Income Approach to Value Family Limited Partnerships
  • Donald Wisehart – Dangers of Mixing Transaction Databases
  • Gail Markham – Are Stock Options Marital Assets Subject to Equitable Distribution?
  • Five Tips for Preparing an Engagement Letter
  • Steve Oscher (guest columnist) – Forensic Services in Fraud: From Super Nerd to Super Sleuth
  • Terry Allen – What is Unique About Bank Valuation?
  • Mike Hill Sr. – Hill Says… USPAP 2006: Major Changes Afoot
  • Robert Grossman – What’s Happening at the NACVA?
  • Eva Lang – Expert Resources: Alacra – They’ve Got the Good Stuff
  • In the Courtroom
  • Appreciation in Controlling Interest in Separate Property: Business Valued Using Recent
    Transaction of Minority Interest
  • Court Tax Affects S Corporation in Fair Value Matter
  • Herbert Kohler Jr. et. al. v. Commissioner

Get IssueISSUE 1 – JUNE/JULY 2006

  • Front Page – Litigation Services and Fees: What Clients Need to Know
  • Mel Abraham – Can a Hypothetical Buyer/Seller be Too Hypothetical?
  • Nancy Fannon – The Pratt’s Stats Private Transaction Database: Items You Need to Know
  • Robert Grossman – Does the Sum of the Parts Equal the Whole?
  • Rod Burkert – Control Adjustments and Levels of Value: Reality or Make-Believe?
  • John Stockdale – FLPs: Understanding Discounts from General Equity Closed-End Funds
  • Steve Hyden – Relief from Royalty Method
  • Mike Mard – Driving Your Company’s Value: Strategic Benchmarking for Value
  • Ron Seigneur – Introduction to Data Choices in the Income Approach to Value
  • Larry Cook – Resolving Tough Spots in Family Matters: Collaboration for Equitable Resolutions
  • Mike Crain – Financial Models: IP Valuation vs. IP Damage Measurements
  • Tom Hilton – The Damage Period: A Key Component in Economic Damages
  • Jim Alerding – What’s in a Name?
  • Michael Kaplan – Financial Experts: A Powerful But Underused Tool in Mediation
  • Eva Lang – Expert Resources: Fetch XL
  • Five Tips for Marketing and Managing a Practice
  • Bruce Bingham – Bingham Says… Guideline Public Company Method
  • Mike Hill Jr. – What’s Happening at the ASA?
  • Jim Rigby – Innovation and Software Firms
  • Mark Dietrich – A Brief Look into a Cloudy Crystal Ball: MedPAC’s 2006 Report
  • In the Courtroom
  • Event Study Analysis Rejected When Other Possible Events Not Considered
  • Consulting Company’s Lost Profits Speculative When Based on Potential Earnings of At-Will Employee
  • Recovery of Lost Business Profits as Loss of Earning Capacity in Personal Injury Actions
  • Huber v. Commissioner – Estate of Kelley v. Commissioner – Albert Strangi et. al. v. Commissioner
  • SEAK Deposition Preparation Outline