Issue No. 32: August/September 2011 SPECIAL DLOM ISSUE


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Issue No. 32, August/September 2011

The Financial Valuation and Litigation Expert journal is the platform for some of the most respected leaders in the business valuation profession. In every issue, FVLE experts contribute insightful, focused, and illuminating articles on the most relevant issues to your practice.

This is a SPECIAL ISSUE – 144 pages focusing on Discounts for Lack of Marketability. Issue No. 32, August/September 2011 contains:

  • The IRS Discount for Lack of Marketability Job Aid – 39 page discussion and summary of the Job Aid by Jim Hitchner.
  • Why Finnerty’s Put Option Model is the DLOM Model of Choice
  • Sumon C. Mazumdar’s Conference PowerPoint Slides from Judge Laro’s 2008 DLOM Summit
  • Bajaj et al. Criticisms and Pratt and Hall Rebuttals
  • Jim Hitchner’s Review of An Integrated Theory
  • QMDM: A Long but Important Answer to a Short but Important Question
  • Partnership Profiles, Inc. 2010 Executive Summary Report
  • Mandelbaum Factors Revisited: A Peek Behind the curtains
  • The Mysterious Willing Seller
  • A DLOM Computational MOdel
  • Other Evidence about Discounts for Lack of Marketability
  • Issue 15 of Financial Valuation and Litigation Expert – Major National Summit on DLOMs: Everything You Wanted to Know and Were UNafraid to Ask
  • Major National Summit on DLOM Case Study from Judge Laro’s Tax Conferences 2009 and 2010

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