Issue No. 15, October/November 2008


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Issue No. 15, October/November 2008

The Financial Valuation and Litigation Expert journal is the platform for some of the most respected leaders in the business valuation profession. In every issue, FVLE experts contribute insightful, focused, and illuminating articles on the most relevant issues to your practice.

Articles in Issue No. 15, October/November 2008:

  • Front page- Major National Summit on DLOMs
  • Lance S. Hall -The Comparative Analysis of Restricted Stock Approach (CARS) and

    The FMV Restricted Stock Study
  • Z. Christopher Mercer- Quantitative Marketability Discount Model (QMDM)
  • Marc Vianello – The VFC Longstaff DLOM Methodology
  • Dr. Sumon C. Mazumdar – Firm Value and Marketability Discounts and The Bajaj et al Study
  • Dr. Ashok Abbott – Abbott Liquidity Factor and Study

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