Issue No. 54: April/May 2015


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Issue No.54: April/May 2015

The Financial Valuation and Litigation Expert journal is the platform for some of the most respected leaders in the business valuation profession. In every issue, FVLE experts contribute insightful, focused, and illuminating articles on the most relevant issues to your practice.

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  • Front Page – Best Practices: The Terminal Year of a Discounted Cash Flow Model by Jim Hitchner
  • Raymond D. Rath – Thoughts on the Excess Earnings Method for Estimating Business Values

  • Robert J. Grossman – Discounts for Lack of Marketability and Fair Value

  • Bruce B. Bingham – Bingham Says….

  • Scott R. Saltzman – Ethical Lapses in Business Valuations: Be aware of These Key areas
  • Gilbert E. Matthews – How the Court Undervalued the Plaintiffs’ Equity in Ferolito v. AriZona Beverages – Part i: Tax-Affecting S Corporation Earnings
  • Mark O. Dietrich – Trending Topics in Healthcare Valuation
  • Edward J. Dupke – Providing Testimony: What to WATCH For and What to WATCH OUT For

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