Hardball with Hitchner

Hardball with Hitchner



Hardball with Hitchner: Tough Issues – Clear Answers is a monthly publication from Jim Hitchner that will tackle important business valuation topics in the inimitable Hitchner style.

Jim will cover the latest developments in the valuation profession, always in a straightforward manner and with an emphasis on practical application.

As the nation’s premier business valuation educator, Jim is passionate about sharing the knowledge he has gained from more than 40 years of hands-on valuation experience.

An annual subscription is $99 for 12 issues (including some combined double issues on more complex topics). As a bonus, subscribers also get access to the archive of all past issues of Hardball with Hitchner and a library of hundreds of articles from the Financial Valuation and Litigation (FVLE) journal, the predecessor publication, at no additional cost. Access to the archives is limited to paid current subscribers.


Index of Past Issues

Issue 27 – January 2023:
GF Data: Another Transaction Database to Consider

Issue 26 – December 2022:
Frequently Asked Questions: The Guideline Public Company Method of the Market Approach

Issue 25 – November 2022:
Frequently Asked Questions:  The Guideline Company Transactions Method of the Market Approach

Issue 24 – October 2022:
New Cost of Equity Capital Dase Study Kroll vs. Business Valuation Resources vs. Damodaran vs. Surveys

Issue 22/23 – August/September 2022:
Cost of Capital Dispute: Damodaran vs. Kroll Cost of Capital Navigator vs. BV Resources Cost of Capital Professional – What Is Right and What Is Wrong?

Issue 21 – July 2022:
Bad Business Valuation Report Language: A Comedy of Errors

Issue 20 – June 2022:
VPS StraightTalk Webinar Poll Results

Issue 19 – May 2022:
Pepperdine Private Capital Market Report – Useful or Not?

Issue 17/18 – March/April 2022:
The Business Valuation Glossary Issue
Do You Have a BV Glossary Problem? 2001 International Glossary of Business Valuation Terms vs.  2021 International Valuation Glossary – Business Valuation

Issue 16 – February 2022:
Transaction Databases: Small- to Medium-size Businesses

Issue 14/15 – December 2021/January 2022:
VPS Quick Study Summary Outline – Navigating the Navigator

Issue 13 – January 2021:
Avoiding Business Valuation Mistakes – Greatest Hits Part 2

Issue 12 – October 2021:
Avoiding Business Valuation Mistakes – Greatest Hits

Issue 11 – September 2021:
Economic Research Report Review

Issue 10 – August 2021:
DLOM – One Foot in the Boat and One Foot on the Dock

Issue 9 – July 2021:
Webinar Polls Reveal Who’s Doing What in Business Valuation

Issue 8 – June 2021:
Websites: Facts vs. the Illusion of Facts

Issue 7 – May 2021:
Preparing for a BV Deposition – Good Answers to Tough Questions (Part two of two)

Issue 6 – April 2021:
Preparing for a BV Deposition – Good Answers to Tough Questions (Part one of two)

Issue 5 – March 2021:
Understanding Economic Data – A Business Valuation Perspective

Issue 4 – February 2021:
Business Valuation and COVID

Issue 3 – January 2021:
Cost of Equity Capital

Issue 2 – December 2020:
Income Approach – Capitalized Cash Flow (CCF) and Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) Methods

Issue 1 – November 2020:
Business Valuation and COVID-19: Uncertain Does NOT Mean Unreliable