Issue No. 30, April/May 2011


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Issue No. 30, April/May 2011

The Financial Valuation and Litigation Expert journal is the platform for some of the most respected leaders in the business valuation profession. In every issue, FVLE experts contribute insightful, focused, and illuminating articles on the most relevant issues to your practice.

Articles in Issue No. 30, April/May 2011

• Front Page – Industry Update: Who’s Doing What

• Don Wisehart and Mike Mard – The Valuation House of Cards? The Risk Components of Cost of Capital

• Ron Seigneur – Divorce of a Business: When Partnerships Fail

• Andy Smith and Brian Sullivan – We are not Paid to Agree with our Clients, The Art of Agreeing to Disagree

• Brenda Clarke – Book Review of Financial Valuation: Applications and Models, 3rd edition.

• Joel Rakower and Nannette Watts – Potential Pitfalls to Benchmarking Marketability Discounts

• Chris Mercer, Journal Review of Dunn on Damages

• Gail Markham, Toni Sparkman, Becky Bokrand, and Kelsey Thompson – Fallacy Free Forensics

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