*Issue No. 5, February/March 2007


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Issue No. 5, February/March 2007

  • Front page – Survival of the Fittest? Ten Experts Challenged in Daubert Case
  • Shannon Pratt – Pratt Says “Value” has no meaning unless the “standard of value” is defined
  • Dan Van Vleet – S Corporation Valuation Update
  • Tom Hilton – You Have to Be Believed to be Heard
  • Mark Dietrich – Regulatory Issues in Using Replication Cost for Valuing Physician Practices
  • Gail Markham – The Vital V’s of the Discovery Process
  • Mel Abraham- Family Limited Partnerships -Go forward and prosper, but watch your step!
  • Eva Lang- GOOGLE a Patent?
  • Linda Trugman – New IRS Business Valuation Guidelines
  • Robin Taylor – Common Mistakes in Valuation Reports
  • Richard Wise – Putting Fair Value Measurements to the ‘Attest’

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