*Issue No. 3, October/November 2006


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Issue No. 3, October/November 2006

The Financial Valuation and Litigation Expert journal is the platform for some of the most respected leaders in the business valuation profession. In every issue, FVLE experts contribute insightful, focused, and illuminating articles on the most relevant issues to your practice.

Articles in Issue No. 3, October/November 2006:

  • Front Page – Daubert on the Docket:
  • Nancy Fannon – Lag Time in Date of Appraisal Results in Another S Corp Win for the IRS
  • Ron Seigneur – Industry Risk Premiums: What They Are and How to Apply Them
  • Jim Alerding – I.P. Value or No Value?
  • Kristopher Boushie – The Bell Tolls for Trolls? Potential Impact of the eBay Decision on Patent Litigation
  • Michael Kaplan – The Evidence vs. the Litigant’s Spin on the Evidence
  • Harold Martin – The Vavasseur Prime Bank Securities Fraud: A New Variation on the Classic Ponzi Scheme
  • Don Barbo – Current Events in Ambulatory Surgery Center Valuations
  • Chris Mercer – Mercer Says: The Effect of Life Insurance Proceeds in Valuation for Buy-Sell Agreements
  • Eva Lang – Expert Resources: Understanding the Industry
  • In the Courtroom
    • Lost Profits Award Based on Comparable Dealerships and Management Projections Affirmed
    • Expert’s Testimony is a Reasonable Yardstick to Find Lost Profits Reasonably Certain

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