Archive 2021-153:IRS Business Valuation Initiatives in 2021



Archive  2021-153: IRS Business Valuation Initiatives in 2021

**Webinar 153: Live Broadcast Date: March 24, 2021**

Recording of VPS StraightTalk Webinar Series: IRS Business Valuation Initiatives in 2021
with Michael Gregory, ASA, CVA

Avoid the most common errors in dealing with the IRS; succeed by following the “golden rules”!
The IRS has recently undertaken some major initiatives in business valuation. Many of these relate to estate and gift tax and examination functions in the “Small Business Self Employed” and the “Large Business and International” divisions associated with BV. This webinar examines those initiatives and guides analysts though successful negotiations with the IRS. Subscribers will learn 25 “golden rules” to help in resolving issues with the IRS.

Learning Objectives:

As a result of today’s presentation, participants will be able to:

  • Understand how the IRS looks at business valuations
  • Identify changes in IRS business valuation initiatives for 2021
  • Explore four adjustment areas on business valuation reports
  • Apply strategies for working with the IRS through 25 “golden rules,” which are updated from Mike’s book, Business Valuations and the IRS: Five Books in One
  • Reference specific techniques that can be used to cooperate, collaborate, and compromise


  • VPS webinar PowerPoint slides
  • Related articles
  • Following the webinar, attendees will have access to a video recording of the program

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