Dunn on Damages: 8 Fall 2012


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Dunn on Damages: The Economic Damages Report for Litigators and Experts is edited by noted attorney and author Robert Dunn and is a must read for anyone involved in determining damages. Content is focused on litigation, damages, testimony, and forensics issues.

ISSUE 8 – FALL 2012

Articles in Issue 8:

• Robert Dunn – Expert Witness Fees for Deposition Testimony

• Everett Harry – Discount Rate Symposium Concluded: Future Damages – Before- and After-Tax Discount Rates

• Douglas Kidder & Vincent O’Brien – For Want of Damages the Case was Tossed: Judge Posner’s Ruling in Apple v. Motorola

• William Norman – Are There Limits on Attorney Fee Awards for a Prevailing Party in Real Estate or Partnership Litigation?

• Kelly Todd – Computer Forensics v. E-Discovery: What Every Expert Should Know

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