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2020-141: Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Valuation

**Webinar 141: Live Broadcast Date: March 10, 2020**

VPS StraightTalk Webinar Series: Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Business Valuation

Speaker: Jim Alerding CPA/ABV

In this webinar, Jim Alerding will explore the new frontier of Artificial Intelligence (AI), which has been defined as “the use of machines to perform computational technologies formerly performed by humans.” Join Jim as he explains the potential impact of AI on business valuation and specific steps analysts can take to incorporate AI into their business valuations.
Learning Objectives:

The participant will learn:

  • What is currently going on in the AI arena
  • What is in store with AI for the future
  • What the valuation analyst should be doing to prepare for the AI invasion
  • What procedures should followed in a valuation to properly consider the impact of AI on the value of the subject business

Webinar Outline:

  • Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Applications of AI currently operating
  • The McKinsey Report
  • Industries likely to be impacted by AI
  • Impact on approaches and methods of valuation
  • Inquiries of company management
  • Determining the impact of AI on revenues and expenses
  • Using the DCF Method
  • Other considerations


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