Archive 2018-119: How Would a BV Pro Assess Your Practice?

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2018-119: How Would a BV Professional Assess Your Practice? – How marketing, messaging, and positioning affect your bottom line

**Webinar 119: Live Broadcast Date: April 25, 2018 **

One hour webinar “How Would a BV Professional Assess Your Practice? ” with Rod Burkert, CPA/ABV, CVA, CVB

Rod is a past recipient of many NACVA instructor awards for teaching people how to do the work. Now, he is an advocate for overwhelmed BVFLS practitioners who struggle to find the time to focus on practice development, practice management, and related technologies.

“I can always find someone to do the work. The problem is finding someone who can get the work.” said a Managing Partner of an accounting firm to Rod, circa 1997.

These are not harsh words. But they do reflect a vital economic reality: in order to do the work we first have to get the work. Yet, many BVFLS practices are built on a foundation of quicksand, with no coherent plan to build their authority, differentiate their services, and attract better clients. If we don’t address these elements, we’ll sink into the muck. So it’s time to turn our considerable valuation skills inward, towards our own practices, and learn what you can do to markedly improve your bottom line.

In this webinar participants will be able to:

  • See how buyers of BVFLS services find, evaluate, and select experts like us.
  • Apply the 3 pillars of building authority to reach an audience than can send them work.
  • Learn why & how to differentiate themselves in a crowded appraiser marketplace.
  • Attract better clients by better understanding buyer motivations and trepidations.
  • Build a business model that doesn’t rely solely on 1:1 client service.


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