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2017-108: Using New Resources to Determine and Defend Lack of Marketability Discounts

**Webinar 108: Live Broadcast Date: May 11, 2017 **

VPS StraightTalk Webinar Series: Using New Resources to Determine and Defend Lack of Marketability Discounts with Jim Alerding and Josh Angell.

This session includes a detailed case study demonstration of the DLOM Toolkit Excel Models. Using the new VPS DLOM Guide and Toolkit, authored by Hitchner, Alerding, Angell, and Morris, you will learn how to determine, support, and present on DLOMs.


This session will cover

  • New case study – Detailed presentation of various DLOM models and calculators
  • VPS Restricted Stock Study Quintile Calculator (RSQC) that enables the user to adjust for differences in risk/volatility, holding periods, dividends, and Mandelbaum-type factors
  • Option Pricing Calculators: Black Scholes/Chaffe Calculator, Finnerty Calculator, Ghaidarov Calculators, Longstaff Calculator
  • QMDM Template
  • Quantitative Methods Comparison Template
  • Illiquidity Premium Calculator
  • C Corporation Equivalent Dividend Yield Calculator
  • Interesting findings and research on the following data and methods:
  • – Legacy restricted stock benchmark studies
  • – FMV Opinions detailed restricted stock database
  • – Pluris detailed restricted stock database
  • – Legacy pre-IPO benchmark studies and data
  • – Mandelbaum-type analyses
  • – IRS DLOM Job Aid – Discount for Lack of Marketability Job Aid for Valuation Professionals

Learning Objectives:

The participant will learn:

  • How to apply the new VPS Toolkit using 10 Excel models
  • How to reconcile the numerous DLOM results
  • How to defend DLOMs


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