Archive 2016-94: Q&A Guide – Select Controversial Issues




Archive 2016-94: New Hitchner Pratt Fishman Guide, A Consensus View – Q&A Guide to Financial Valuation – Select Controversial Issues Webinar

Webinar 94 Live Broadcast Date: March 1, 1:00-3:00 pm EST

VPS StraightTalk Webinar Series: New Hitchner Pratt Fishman Guide – A Consensus View – Q&A Guide to Financial Valuation

In this webinar Jim Hitchner and Jay Fishman will answer over 30 questions on four major topics: the income approach, cost of capital, discounts and premiums, and BV standards. Theywill give straightforward answers to your most complex questions.

Learning Objectives and Outline:

The participant will learn the answers to over 30 questions including:

  • Income approach
    • Is there ever a good reason to present both the capitalized cash flow (CCF) and discounted cash flow (DCF) methods?
    • What do you do when you believe a DCF method is the correct method to use but may not be accepted in court?
    • How do analysts use both the CFF and DCF methods to manipulate value?
    • Is it correct to make depreciation and capital expenditures equal in a CCF model and the terminal year of a DCF model?
    • How do you determine if your long-term growth rate is too high?
    • What are the criteria for weighting historical earnings in a CCF method?
  • Cost of capital/rates of return
    • What’s better, the modified CAPM or the build-up mod­el?
    • How do you use the Duff & Phelps (D&P) recommended equity risk premium?
    • Are the D&P CRSP subdeciles 10b, 10y, and 10z size premi­ums reliable?
    • Can I rely on both the D&P CRSP 10th decile and the D&P Risk Premium Report 25th portfolio?
    • What is the correct method to unlever and relever betas to account for dif­ferences in capital structures?
    • What is the best way to use industry risk premiums?
    • Is there an accurate way to estimate company-specific risk?
  • Discounts and premiums
    • Does illiquidity apply to controlling interests as well as minority interests?
    • Are benchmark-type analyses using restricted stocks still valid for a dis­count for lack of marketability?
    • Should I be using Mercer’s Quantitative Marketability Discount Model?
    • Should analysts still be applying control premium studies, like Mergerstat, to value a controlling interest in a private company?
    • Why should minority/control issues be addressed in the cash flows of the subject company that is being valued?
  • BV standards
    • Are oral reports the same as expert witness testimony?
    • If I am a member of the ASA, can I pick and choose when to perform an appraisal in compliance with USPAP?
    • Can a valuation analyst have an opinion of a calculated value in a litigation setting where the valuation analyst is an expert witness?


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