Archive 2015-88: Guideline Public Companies Method-Tax Court




Archive 2015-88: The Guideline Public Companies Method – Amazing Lessons from the Tax Court

**Webinar 88 Live Broadcast Date: July 8, 2015**

Lance Hall, ASA,

VPS StraightTalk Webinar Series: The Guideline Public Companies Method – Amazing Lessons from the Tax Court

Earlier this year, Lance Hall was asked to teach a class on the use of the guideline public companies method (GPCM). After 30 years valuing companies for a living, this was the last topic he normally would have chosen. However, in preparing for the class, he was simply amazed by how much he did not know. As a result of his preparation, he has accumulated a comprehensive and authoritative compilation of statutes, IRS promulgations, and tax court decisions on the selection and use of the GPCM. This presentation is for all business valuation experts from beginning to advanced. This webinar will increase the accuracy and defensibility of your expert reports.

Webinar Outline:

  • What are the pros and cons of using the GPCM?
  • What do the relevant statutes, IRS, and valuation accreditation societies say?
  • What constitutes a comparable company?
  • What do the courts say?
  • Learning Objectives:

    Participants on this webinar will:

    • Know why the GPCM should always be considered.
    • Understand what the statutes and IRS promulgations mean when using the words “may,” “should,” and “shall” when discussing the use of the GPCM. Learn why and when to use them.
    • Know the meaning of the words “same,” “similar,” and “comparable” as they pertain to the GPCM.
    • Understand the nuances of tax court decisions and why the GPCM was demanded, accepted, or rejected in various circumstances.
    • Know why the judge in the Estate of Giustina rejected the guideline public companies proffered by both experts, even though the opposing experts used many of the same comparable companies.
    • Learn why the judge in Estate of Hall declared that A.T. Cross Company (a publicly traded maker of writing utensils) was comparable to Hallmark Cards.


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    Included in this downloadable archived webinar package:

    • Audio/Video file
    • Webinar transcript
    • Original Webinar handouts

    The archived webinar package is an Adobe Presenter PDF file that allows you to view the video of the webinar with the synced audio so that you see the presentation just as it was presented “live.” The Presenter format also allows for easy navigation through the webinar so you can quickly go to a specific section in the presentation. The handout materials are included in the file. To view the Webinar Presenter file, you must have Adobe Reader software version 9 or higher. You can download the free current version of Adobe Reader at

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