Archive 2015-85: IRS Job Aid on Valuing S Corps




Archive 2015-85: New IRS Job Aid on How the IRS Values Non-Controlling Interests in S Corps

**Webinar 85 Live Broadcast Date: April 29, 2015**

Michael Gregory, ASA, CVA and Qualified Mediator in MN

VPS StraightTalk Webinar Series: New IRS Job Aid on How the IRS Values Non-Controlling Interests in S Corps Presented by the Original IRS Issue Champion

For the first time ever, you will learn about the IRS internal Job Aid entitled “The IRS Valuation of Non-Controlling Interests in Business Entities Electing to be Treated as S Corporations for Federal Tax Purposes: A Job Aid for IRS Valuation Analysts” dated October 29, 2014. This is presented by Michael Gregory, the original IRS issue champion of this initiative. This recently obtained internal IRS document presents background on this topic from the perspective of the IRS. This document was written to help IRS professionals that are examining S-Corp valuations. Major elements of this document are presented and Michael Gregory offers his insights as to what this might mean for business valuers providing S-Corp valuations for federal tax purposes.

Webinar Outline:

Summary of the IRS Job Aid

  • Background and history of the IRS Job Aid
  • This was produced for IRS valuation professionals
  • Background on S Corps
  • Additional data on C Corps
  • Appropriate tax rates
  • Hypothetical buyer
  • Hypothetical seller
  • Hypothetical transaction
  • Key factors for consideration
  • Evidence- based valuation analysis
  • A view from the federal courts
  • A view from academia
  • Theory-based valuation analysis
  • Weighting of factors and approaches
  • Example 1 and Example 2
  • Commentary on Appendices
  • Further Commentary on the Job Aid by the Original IRS Issue Champion

    • Background on S Corps revisited
    • Advantages and disadvantages of S Corps and what this says about risk
    • BIG tax and S Corps
    • S Corp compensation
    • Key court cases
    • Legal issue vs. factual issue
    • Key models in practice
    • Another look at theoretical observations
    • Personal observations nearly 4 years in the private sector
    • Important take-away information

    Learning Objectives:

    Participants on this webinar will:

    • Learn the most current thinking by the IRS when the IRS reviews an S-Corp valuation
    • Learn what the IRS deems as not acceptable and potential litigating approaches
    • Understand how the IRS thinks the valuation should be completed
    • Understand what the IRS thinks of various court cases and tax affecting
    • Gain insight from the presenter on how you may want to respond going forward


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