Archive 2015-82: New Year BV Update




Archive 2015-82: New Year BV Update: The NEW Concepts, Data, Models and Methods From 2014 That You Need to Know and Understand

**Webinar 82 Broadcast Date: January 22. 2015**

presented by
Jim Hitchner, CPA/ABV/CFF, ASA moderator with Kate Morris, ASA

This webinar will help you keep that resolution and clear that clutter. Jim Hitchner and Kate Morris will present what they believe to be some of the most important pieces of BV information from 2014. This will include only NEW concepts, data, models, and methods in such areas as cost of capital, discounts for lack of marketability (DLOMs), private company discounts, control premiums, and BV standards

Learning Objectives:

  • The participant will be updated on the various sources and uses of cost of capital data including:
    • The new Ibbotson/CRSP and Duff & Phelps data for the build-up model and the modified capital asset pricing model
    • The latest version of the Private Cost of Capital Model (PCOC) and the Pepperdine private capital markets project (based on survey data)
    • Dr. Damodaran’s latest views on the equity risk premium
    • Pertinent highlights from Pratt’s and Grabowski’s Cost of Capital, 5th edition
  • The participant will learn about new techniques and research in discounts for lack of marketability including:
    • A new probabilistic method
    • Support for a DLOM in control valuations
    • Changes to the FMV restricted stock database
    • A fresh look at the use of public vs. private company DLOM studies including both the multiples and acquisitions methods
  • The participant will learn about a new view on the application of control premiums
  • The participant will gain new insight into the use of calculation engagements and calculation reports including:
    • A very recent Daubert challenge
    • USPAP compliant calculations


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