Archive 2014-81: Tangible Asset Valuations




Archive 2014-81: Tangible Asset Valuations within Business Valuations: Golf Courses to Steel Mills – What Business Valuers Need to Know

**Webinar 81 Live Broadcast Date: December 9, 2014**

presented by
Raymond Moran, ASA, MRICS with Edwin Litolff, MAI, CCIM, and Steven Harski, ASA, CFE

Ray Moran and Steven Harski have spent extensive time managing multidiscipline cross-border engagements and in sorting tangible asset issues for valuation, litigation and forensic assignments. Ed Litolff has significant experience in litigation support, and separating real property from business value interests. They will share their experience with stories relating to Fair Value and Fair Market Value determinations in business combinations, litigation and forensic services, and regulatory issues encountered in the Americas, Europe and Asia/Pacific.

Webinar Outline:

  • Forensic issues regarding real and personal property
  • Discussions of real estate value versus business value of hospitality assets
  • Pushing down obsolescence without a business enterprise value
  • Incorporating real and personal property sections into your report
  • Separating cash flows in hotel valuations between realty and business values
  • Highest and best use in golf courses, with examples of realty versus business valuation
  • Valuing real versus business values for REITs
  • Due diligence for personal property
  • Commingled assets
  • Working in data-poor geographic areas

Learning Objectives:

  • The participant will learn how to work with business valuers to reconcile real and personal property in financial statements
  • The participant will learn how to separate real, personal and business value cash flows and interests in going concerns
  • The participant will learn how to decide whether to use a business valuation or a tangible asset valuation
  • The participant will learn how to work with valuers and regulatory authorities including cross-border assignments
  • The participant will learn how to prepare cohesive reports for third-party review including cross-border assignments


  • VPS webinar PowerPoint slides
  • Following the webinar, attendees will receive a webinar transcript along with an interactive video of the webinar showing the audio synced to the slide
    presentation in real time


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