Archive 2012-48: The Confused State of DLOMs




Archive Webinar 2012-48: THE CONFUSED STATE OF DLOMs: The More I Find Out the Less I Seem to Know

presented by
Jim Alerding, CPA/ABV, ASA, CVA and Rod Burkert, CPA/ABV, CVA

**Webinar 48 Broadcast Date: April 19, 2012**

Webinar Overview:

Does it seem that the more you find out about discounts for lack of marketability, the less you seem to know?  This session will help pull together and evaluate some of the key issues surrounding the most often used DLOM methodologies.  Specific topics include: 

  • Robert Comment DLOM criticisms – discount redundancies and Daubert
  • Traditional restricted stock studies – a fresh look under an old hood
  • Restricted stock data bases under siege
  • The current state of IPO studies and data bases
  • Dr. Bajaj and his critics
  • Where is the QMDM today?

  • Webinar Outline:

  • Who is Robert Comment and what is he saying?
  • What others are saying about Robert Comment’s assertions
  • How do Robert Comment’s Daubert assertions stand the test?
  • A brief review of the FMV Opinions data base
  • What are the recent criticisms of the FMV Opinions data base?

  • What are FMV Opinions Lance Hall’s responses to the criticisms?
  • A quick summary of IPO studies
  • What have been the criticisms of IPO studies and the DLOM?
  • What is the current status of IPO studies as a methodology for determining a DLOM?
  • What does Dr. Bajaj say about determining a DLOM?
  • What have the courts said about the Bajaj methodology?
  • What do Dr. Bajaj’s critics say about his methodology?
  • A brief review of Chris Mercer’s QMDM
  • What are the criticisms of the QMDM?
  • A discussion of new developments in the QMDM
  • Learning Objectives:

  • The participant will learn what is being said about some of the better known DLOM methodologies
  • The participant will learn what is really in the older  traditional restricted stock studies that most analysts still rely upon
  • The participant will learn how to distinguish between what is a real problem with a particular DLOM methodology and a criticism that can be
  • The participant will learn the pitfalls that need to be overcome in using a particular DLOM methodology
  • The participant will learn how to provide support in determining a DLOM under any methodology

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