Archive 2010-27: Valuing a Bus., Measuring Risk, Assess Strategy




Archive Webinar 2010-27: Valuing a Business, Measuring Risk, and Assessing Strategy: You Can’t Do One and Not the Others

presented by
Warren D. Miller, CFA, CPA, ASA

Webinar 27 Broadcast Date: Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Webinar Overview:

  • The overlap among valuation, risk, and competitive strategy
  • Valuation Roadblock #1 – from microeconomics
  • Valuation Roadblock #2 – from financial economics
  • What the published research says about external vs. internal sources of risk
  • A fix for Roadblocks #1 and #2: the trilevel unsystematic-risk framework
    • macroenvironment
    • domain (industry or strategic group)
    • company (SPARC)
    • risk-premium ranges for each level in the trilevel framework
  • Small and Medium-sized Business (SMB) Archetypes in Competitive Strategy
    • Industry-wide
      • Exploiter
      • Explorer
    • Strategic group
      • Extender
      • Experimenter
    • The place not to be: Equivocator (a.k.a. Stuck in the Middle)
    • Does your client’s SPARC profile fit its resources, capabilities, and beliefs?
  • Aberrant metrics in valuing SMBs
    • Construct your own industry composite from guideline public companies
    • Compare and contrast
    • Focus on the metrics that are well above or well below those of the composite
    • Be sure to examine metrics that are essential in the domain
      • Distribution: inventory turn, DSO, productivity
      • Manufacturing: inventory turnover, gross margin, cash-conversion cycle
    • Uncover the causes with SPARC during on-site interviews
  • Quantifying unsystematic risk electronically
  • Situations where combining valuation and a value map into one engagement makes sense

Learning Objectives:

  • The participant will learn how valuation, risk, and strategy are inextricably intertwined
  • The participant will learn how “strategic groups” redefine the assessment of industry risk
  • The participant will learn the “five E’s of competitive strategy”…and the one that most small and medium-sized businesses should probably be
  • The participant will learn how to use the SPARC Framework to uncover cause-and-effect relationships and gauge risk at the company level
  • The participant will learn how to spot opportunities for lucrative add-on consulting engagements

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  • Webinar transcript
  • Original Webinar handouts

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