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Archive Webinar 2009-10: Hardball with Hitchner, Pratt and Fishman: They tackle the tough issues and present a consensus view

presented by
Moderator – Jim Hitchner, CPA/ABV, ASA with
Shannon Pratt, CFA, FASA, MCBA, CM&AA, and Jay Fishman, FASA

Webinar 10 Original Broadcast Date: February 10, 2009

Jim Hitchner, Shannon Pratt, and Jay Fishman will take on difficult issues like how the current economic conditions require changes in valuation
analysis and what this could mean for the future of the valuation profession.

These three experts will offer a consensus view on controversial topics and let you know how they handle valuation issues like compensation
adjustments, calculation of personal and professional goodwill, equity risk premiums, taxation of S corporations, and more. Don’t miss this great
session or the chance to bring your questions to the experts.

Learning Objectives:

• The participant will learn what three of the leaders in the valuation profession think are the proper and practical ways to prepare a valuation

• The participant will also learn about other alternative views

• The participant will learn how these experts are dealing with valuations in the current economic downturn

• The participant will learn how to wade through all the confusion in estimating cost of capital and capitalization rates

• The participant will learn about how BV standards are playing an increasing role in performing and reporting on valuations

• The participant will be able to learn by asking and listening to tough questions and receiving direct answers

Webinar Outline:

• Valuation in the current economic downturn

• S Corps and taxation

• Equity risk premiums

• Size premiums

• Ibbotson vs. Duff and Phelps

• Growth rates

• Calculation of personal and professional goodwill

• Compensation adjustments

• Reliability of transaction data bases

• Standards

• Testimony preparation

• Discounts for lack of marketability – qualitative vs. quantitative methods

• The future of the valuation

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  • Webinar transcript
  • Original Webinar handouts

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