Archive 2008-1: Cost of Capital: A Consensus View?




Archive Webinar 2008-1: Cost of Capital: A Consensus View? – Equity Risk Premium Mania: What Should You Use?

Moderated by Jim Hitchner, CPA/ABV, ASA, with

Rod Burkert, CPA/ABV, CVA, Alina Niculita, CFA, and Bob Duffy, CPA/ABV,ASA,CFA

Webinar 1 Original Broadcast Date:February 27, 2008

You have traditional Ibbotson/Morningstar, you have supply side, you have Duff & Phelps, you have ex ante forward looking, you have surveys, you
have different time periods, you have different databases, you have way too many choices for size premiums, you have industry risk premiums, you have
the new Butler Pinkerton model for specific company risk, etc. Is this driving you crazy? What is this all about and what should you use? Come hear
Hitchner, Burkert, Niculita and Duffy make sense of all this and provide you with a framework and template for using the right information to calculate
and defend your rates of return.

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