2023-185: Reflections on a 50-year Career in Business Valuation


Reflections on a 50-year Career in Business Valuation



2023-185: Reflections on a 50-year Career in Business Valuation

**Webinar 185: Live Broadcast Date: December 5, 2023, 1:00-3:00 pm EST**

VPS STRAIGHTtalk Webinar Series:

Jay E. Fishman, FASA, FRICS
Jim Alerding, CPA/ABV

Based on their 50 years of business valuation and career experience, Jay E. Fishman, FASA, FRICS and Jim Alerding, CPA/ABV will discuss from their perspectives the evolution of the valuation profession as to where it is today.

In a section of the presentation entitled “It’s Not that Simple,” Jay and Jim will  challenge some of the core concepts in business valuation and discuss experiences when each found themselves in a position that was untenable as an expert witness. “Sometimes you get out of the noose and other times you hang.”

Learning Objectives:

In this webinar, participants will learn:

  • Is there such a thing as a financial buyer in today’s world?
  • Do observed discounts for closed end mutual funds reflect only a discount for lack of control ?
  • Do put option models adequately capture discounts for lack of marketability or overstate them?
  • Is a private company really less marketable than a public company because it is private?
  • The use of outsourcing of the appraisal process and its impact on the quality of the opinion of value?


• VPS webinar PowerPoint slides
• Following the webinar, attendees will have access to a video recording of the program

With our simple flat pricing plan, your entire office (up to 20 people) can join us for this 100-minute presentation, earn two hours of CPE credit and receive an archive recording for $239. Contact jkern@valuationproducts.com if your firm will have more than 20 attendees. 


Program Level: Intermediate
Delivery Method: Group/Internet based
Prerequisites: Basic understanding of business valuation concepts
CPE Credits: Two 50-minute CPE hours / Field of Study: Specialized Knowledge
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