2020-147: Advanced Basics in BV Part 2


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2020-147: Advanced Issues in Basic Business Valuation Part 2

**Webinar 146: Live Broadcast Date: Tuesday, September 15, 2020, 1:00-3:00 pm EDT**

VPS StraightTalk Webinar Series:  Advanced Issues in Basic Business Valuation Part 2

Speaker: Jim Hitchner, CPA/ABV/CFF, ASA

No, this is not a contradiction in terms. Issues that appear to be basic can be surprisingly complicated. The first-year analyst and the seasoned BV veteran will both benefit from Jim Hitchner’s take on these concepts.

Our first Advanced Basics webinar was so popular that we bring in new topics, like S-corps and controlling interests, to continue this series.

The bottom line is that while the valuation profession has come a long way, we still can’t come together and agree on many–and we mean many–basic valuation issues. That is why part 2 of this webinar series will make you feel more comfortable that you know and are able to apply valuation fundamentals in the most supportable way.

Outline with Learning Objectives

The participant will learn about the following:

  • How to include the impact of COVID when it was NOT known or knowable and stay in compliance with SSVS and USPAP
  • Methods to determine a discount for lack of liquidity of a 100% controlling interest
  • S-corp valuations – C-corp rates or individual rates
  • Why the four S-corp premium models give drastically different values
  • Supporting interim growth rates and margins during COVID – the data IS out there
  • Examples on how to determine a blended (short-term and long-term) growth rate in a CCF method• Presenting benchmark data to support your discount rates
  • The alternative to a size premium
  • Symmetrical vs. unsymmetrical probabilistic scenario analysis during COVID – why it matters
  • How to address the PPP loans in a valuation – it’s trickier than you think
  • Good report writing tips under COVID
  • Advanced expert testimony tips, including cost of capital


• VPS webinar PowerPoint slides
• Selected articles and publication citations
•  Following the webinar, attendees will have access to a video recording  of the webinar

With our simple flat pricing plan, your entire office can join us for this 100-minute presentation, earn two hours of CPE credit (Specialized Knowledge) and receive an archive recording for $239. Note that certain restrictions apply to firms with more than 20 attendees.  


Information on CPE credits, refund policies, and complaint resolution can be found at www.valuationproducts.com/cpe.html.

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